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One guy remarked about all the bragging and cursing that goes on in his chat room for sports cars enthusiasts.

Someone else chimed in about a fitness chat room where a stranger habitually started a contentious topic, then abruptly left the conversation once the other members were writing in caps and typing emoticons furiously.

They're saying the "18 " is gross, as in it can imply sex or similar things.edit: Since people seem to think I'm saying sex is gross, I guess I need to clarify I'm talking about op thinking it's gross, not me.

The last thing I want to do is police people and tell them what they can and can't do.

They had selected a chat room in the user-generated chats, not an AOL sponsored chat.Despite the disgusting nature of the images this "child" was receiving, the agent wasn't going to capture the demo to persue getting any of these men.Instead they look for repeat offenders, repetitive efforts to contact a child and they focus on criminals within their geographic jurisdiction.Those of us in the audience had the mixed reactions you might expect from a group of parents, law enforcement and educators watching the live demo up on a large auditorium screen.Each new suggestive remark typed by the pedophiles was met by a shrug from our law enforcement people and with gasps and "ewwww"s from the rest of us.

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When the burly cop working the keyboard would type responses in the "voice" of our 14 year old, we would even occasionally giggle, which gave us a bit of release from the shock of what we were seeing.

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