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Current opinion I# that the strain of working in this feature will necessitate an indefinite vacation. Mc Gowan Eastbound; Will Join Roach in Europe Hollywood, April 3. Robert Mc Gowan, who directs the Roach 'Our Gang' comedies, left here Saturday (1) for New York, following signing of a new contract to continue megging the same se- ries next year. Ogden Armoiir, meat packing king, Who died in 1922. Mc Burney, 'Doc' Faige, Mike Connors, Qaeenle Paul (Mari- posa). In defer- ence to their guest's reputation, Metro's wisecrackers, professional and amateur, deferred from topping his gags. Yarn, titled 'Red Meat»* will center largely around the stocks yards, although some of Armour's other interests will be included. Knowing well the men- tality of 'yes men,' the Bard threw Ills barbs right and left. SCREEN STAGE Published Weekly at 164 West 46lh St., New Tork, N. Or, rather, to bring It back, for both houses wei-e beery in the old days. Etate-Congress here and the Gayety, Milwaukee, are the first mid western burlesque houses to adopt beer.

Mc Gowan carries with him to New York his first book, 'Gangster's Baby,' a yarn on racketeers from the kid point of view, picked up discussing gangsters with his Juve- nile actors.

He hopes to get a pub- lisher for It before sailing. Rado will bracket Bruce Cabot and Dorothy Jordan in 'Hide in tho Dark.' Yarn ia a new buy from Frances Noyes Hart, 'Satevepost' writer. Metro la negotiating to borrow Paul Lukas from Universal for two pictures. Maharaja of Johore, Indian ruler of the Malay Peninsula, will turn picture angel to finance Ward Wing, producer, in making a travel drama In India- Wing leaves here this week by auto for New York, accom- panied by his wife, Lorl Bara, sister of Theda Bara. Wing met the Maharaja while making 'Samarang' in the ruler's country. Saslavsky, motion picture editor of 'La Naclon,' leading Bue- nos Aires daily, Is" in New York for a look-see of conditions.

Latter picture was financed and released by Bennle Zeldman, who has a contract to buy all foot- age made by Wing during the com- ing year. After a week or jo here, he goes tr the Coast where he'll look about the studios, then he'll double-o the Brit- ish and European film spots before going home.

April 6 (London to New Tork), Manny Goldstein (Majestic). Shaw flew here from the Hearst ranch at San Simeon, rejoining the Empress oi Britain, which left Los Anneles on the last leg of its round-the- world tour Tuesday night. ' Someone tried to enlighten him that Hollywood was important enough to have a press.

April 1 (New Tork to Paris) Rus^ sell Medcraft, Vannl-Marcoux, Ger^ malne Glroux (Champlain). April 1 (New Tork to London); Bert Feldman and Richard. Shaw had embarked from the boat at San Francisco Saturday (25). 'AH right, then,' he Interrupted hlii enllghtencr, and turned to the thoroughly squashed representative of the press, saying, 'Ask me some questions.' When no questions of any impor- tance were forthcoming he turned on his heel and left the press be- hind the eisrht ball.

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