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Many of the most beautiful women on earth are listed on this site.They’re able to control it better than most because they have the revenue to employ people to handle this task specifically. So I am including the information you outline on your “report a scammer” page: Scammers name: Irina Pirogova (did not appear on Google with her last name, only as “Irina Terskaya”)Address given: Russian Federation,363750 Respublika Severnaya Ossetiag. Kirova,78otdelenie pochtovoi svyazido vostrebovania Your Irina. No phone – no phone number given Email address: [email protected] of birth she gave: January 10, 1975Information about your relationships: She found me by sending me an email through the internet dating site “” – I am not a paid member there so I responded to her message and gave her my yahoo email and then she had cancelled her profile (singleme networks with many dating sites) on “singleme” – her user name was “Lady For Man” – on July 25, 2005Anything unusual about “letters/relationship? She had used all her money to get visa (copy attached) and for “most of airfare paid to travel agency” but came up short by 4 and will lose all her money if I do not send What happened after receive money? I saw the post you just left on the Russian women scams discussion forum from this evening.I could not find here a man who will make me blossom like flower. I have found your profile and decided to write to you.Something have sparked my interest in you, something said to me that you are a good man and I would like to learn you more, and I hope that you will have the same desire.According to a 2013 report in Cupid Views, 28% of users are Latin women seeking foreign marriages and 40% are non-Latin men requiring the same.Some of these single girls are interested in the lifestyle a foreigner can provide them.

Many of these girls can speak a second and third language, so don't let the language barrier hold you back.

A lot of the members like us (assuming you will help) report the accounts we suspect are fake and they actually do something about it.

,000 a month(which isn’t a lot for us), then you’re doing better than 95% of the Thai dudes.


Yes – she answered all of my questions, or personal statements and small storys of my life, etc… I have sent NO money of course, but as of yesterday (Sept 24) I told her I was sending $ this weekend today – and asked her if she needed extra money for expenses – I have not heard anything back yet/since.

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You can browse by country, age, and the language they can speak.

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