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A Child Disability Report is the application that is filled out for a child who is applying for Social Security Disability benefits under Supplemental Security Income (SSI).In addition the written report, you will be required to make an appointment, either by telephone or in person, to complete your child’s application for SSI benefits.These are the tests of “nature and consequences”, “morality”, “nature of the conduct”, “totality of the circumstances”, “evidence of mental disability”, and “judgment”.Forty-nine American states use one of these six tests in reviewing cases of sexual abuse, with the exception of Illinois (which uses two tests).The percentage is even higher among people with disabilities.According to research, more than 90% of people with intellectual disabilities will experience some form of sexual abuse at some time in their lives. Other studies suggest 68% of girls with intellectual disabilities and 30% of boys with intellectual disabilities will be sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday.

Cases of sexual abuse are considered in many states to qualify as “sexual assault” under the law; sexual assault is often arbitrated through rape or sexual battery statutes.According to research 15,000 to 19,000 people with intellectual disabilities are raped each year in the United States.Sullivan and Knutson found, in 2000, that children with intellectual disabilities were at slightly greater risk of sexual abuse than disabled children in general, who in turn were at 3.14 times greater risk of experiencing sexual abuse than non-disabled children.Of the men, 80% decided to talk about their experience of abuse.Half of them (50%) told their father or mother, 25% talked to an educator and 25% discussed the matter with a close relative.

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