Updating intel matrix storage manager

After shutting down i Tunes, I go to the start menu, right click on the Intel Matrix, 'Open as administrator', open 'Advanced options', right-click on the drive in err, and select 'Set as normal' Then the system will run fine, all microsoft apps run well, explorer, office 2007.As long as I don't run i Tunes the computer is great.Under status, the RAID VOLUME itself is running under "NORMAL" mode. Under Port 0, the first drive's Type/Status reads: Member Disk (0)Under Port 1, the second drive's Type/Status reads: Error Occurred (0)After reading this thread, I believe this happened when I attempted to open a video with i Tunes.I was able to previously play the file with the latest version of Apple Quicktime, but it suddenly wasn't working, so I attempted to open and play it with i Tunes.At the time I rebuilt the raid and reformatted the pc to resolve.I swore to avoid apple software for the time being but recently I was tempted to put itunes back on as my i Pod is redundant due to the software issues.I leave the PC switch on for two days with e Mule and the computer was reseted unexpectly. I am running Gateway's top of the line desktop system...here's what it reads while booting up: Under RAID 0 (two drives), one of the drives is under port 0 and the other is under port 1.

After checking and repairing the harddisk, the raidbios shows the message "ERROR OCCURED (0)" on one of two Raid 0 devices (1st one).It is annoying because it adds a minute or so to boot up.Before the problem it just boot right up with out the request.Vista was out for a year in beta and these companies had plenty of time to work on it. Dell is complaining because there are no sound cards ready for Vista, HP really dropped the damn ball. The rest of the tech industry new it was coming and did not put any resources towards it. I have same issue with Itunes , Intel Matrix ICH7 and Vista Enterprise!No printer drivers and no printers ready for the Vista launch. Xerox says that if you bought a printer that is incompatible, that is your problem.) Saying that they can't develop something till the release because they don't know what the final version is going to look like, is simpley a bunch of HOOEY! When the heck are they going to support their users! I've had to on 3 occasions reset my drive to non-Raid then rebuild my raid then use Acronis to restore my partition.

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what settings due I have to change to get rid of the request so my pc can start like it did in the past?

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